To order the OO Gauge APT-P click on the model you wish to purchase  at the bottom of this page and enter your name and contact details.
When you get to the postage section just click on the store collect and this will reserve that model for you.
Providing we get to the target number you will be notified about any progress and deposits to take this forward.
The real thing will be scanned thanks to The Crewe Heritage Centres help in this project.
Any questions regarding the reserving of the model can be done as well by email to durhamtrainsofstanley@gmail.com
 Tel 01207 232545 ask for Mick  for any questions.

5 car set (1 power car 49006)  
370006 & 370007 Black front window
£866.60   48106/48606/49006/48607/48107

6 car set (1 power car 49001) 
370001 & 370005 Yellow front window
£933.27   48101/48201/48601/49001/48205/48105

7 car set (1 power 49006  1 dummy 49003 City of Derby) 
370006 & 370003 Black front window
£999.93   48106/48606/49006/49003/48603/48203/48103

7 car set (1 power 49004 1 dummy 49002) 
370004 & 370002  Yellow front window
£999.93   48104/48604/49004/49002/48602/48202/48102

10 car set (1 working power car 49006 & 1 Dummy 49003 City of Derby) 
370006 & 370003 Black front window
£1194.60   48106/48206/48406/48606/49006/49003/48603/48403/48203/48103

14 car set (2 working power cars 49005 & 49002) 
370005 & 370002  Black front window
£1327.94   48105/48205/48405/48305/48505/48605/49005/49002/48602/48502/48302/

Payments. Payments when required will be in 4 equal sizes, spread out over stages of production.....
1) initial deposit
2) tooling payment to first EP
3) 2nd ep tooling
4) painted model, production, shipping 

These might be, as development goes on, spread out over 6-8 or even more, months, or a couple of them might have shorter gaps between them depending on how smoothly things go.

OO Gauge APT-P Specifications

1) Working 'Damped' tilt mechanism
2) DCC Next22
3) DCC Sound ready with space for speaker
4) Directional lighting
5) Internal subdued coach lighting ( Controllable on DCC)
6) Removable and posable nose with NEM coupling pocket on cab front bulkhead
7) High Quality 5 pole skew wound motor with twin flywheels
8) Us outline style drive train and gearing with train geared for 140mph
9) Cab lighting
10) Fully decorated interior throughout
11) Correct pattern and color seats for 1st and 2nd class
12) Limited Edition certificate
13) Close coupling with non-gap corridor connectors
14) Radius 2 compatible
15) Dual power motor units for longer trains
16) Etched steel windscreen wipers
17) Separately applied parts including foot steps, door slider rails
18) Flush Glazing
19) Darkened profile wheel sets to RP25-110


APT Crowdfunding orders will be taken by DToS (Durham Trains of Stanley) as an agent of DJModels Ltd (DJM) as DToS ordering system is more efficient at present, than DJM's.

Any Orders are transferred immediately to DJModels Ltd, as DJM are totally responsible for the project, payments etc, and your contract is with DJM only. DJM will then be invoicing each customer in turn for subsequent deposits. Payment is made to DJM via Paypal (you do not need a paypal account to do so), and there are 4 payments required in total as each milestone is reached. Milestones will be shown on the DJM , DTos and other web fora, as well as magazines. Updates will also show, where possible, video and photographs of progress. 

Please Note: Any 'pure' crowdfunding venture is an investment with no guarantee of return, and your invested capital (deposit payments) are at risk. Please consider carefully whether you wish to partake in this venture before ordering.

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