To order the OO Gauge APT-P click on the model you wish to purchase and enter your name and contact details.
When you get to the postage section just click on the store collect and this will reserve that model for you.
Providing we get to the target number you will be notified about any progress and deposits to take this forward.
The real thing will be scanned thanks to The Crewe Heritage Centres help in this project.
Any questions regarding the reserving of the model can be done as well by email to durhamtrainsofstanley@gmail.com
Tel 01207 232545 ask for Mick for any questions.

5 car set (1 power car) 370006 Black front window
649.95 per 5 car set (only 1 power car)

6 car set (1 power car) 370001 Yellow front window
699.95 per 6 car set (only 1 power car)

7 car set (1 power 1 dummy) 370006 Black front window
749.95 per 7 car set

7 car set (2 power cars, 1P + 1D) 370004 Yellow front window
749.95 per 7 car set (with 2 power cars , 1 being motorised, 1 dummy)

10 car set (2 working power cars) 370006 Black front window
895.95 per 10 cars (2 working power cars)

14 car set (2 working power cars) 370007 Black front window
995.95 per 14 car set (2 working power cars)

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