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SL-11 Rail Joiners, insulated, for code 100 rail


An excellent purchase, not only to those using live frog points, but also especially for those who have a DCC controller and layout with a programming track function. These insulated rail joiners (fishplates) remove the need for a programming 'service' track which is completely isolated from the rest of the layout. They can allow the user to electrically isolate a section of track (such as a siding) from the main layout, which, if given it's own power track or clip, can be used as a drive-in programming track, without the need for expensive isolating track sections. This means that loco's which need to be programmed do not need to be lifted off the track and re-railed on a separate programming track, thereby reducing the hassle and possible damage caused by constantly moving loco's on and off the main track by hand. If the controller doesn't have a specialised programming track output, a DPDT switch can be used to cut power to only the main track, allowing a loco in the isolated section to be programmed with ease.
Date Added: 30/08/2010 by Andrew Robin
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